Personal / Family Cover

Having the right protection is essential for shielding your family from financial hardships during unexpected tragedies or health crises.

Looking for personal / family cover?

Life Cover

This type of policy provides a tax-free lump sum payment for your loved ones in the event of your death, or diagnosis of a terminal illness. It can be set up to decrease, increase or stay level depending on your needs.

Critical Illness Cover

This policy pays a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, or need a serious operation covered by the policy. You can also add Childrens Critical Illness Cover to cover your children until the age of 23.

Income Protection

This is a personal sick pay policy which will cover up to 70% of your gross salary in the event you are unable to work due to accident, injury, or sickness. It will cover your PAYE and any bonus, overtime, or dividends you receive. Having Income Protection allows you to continue paying essential monthly bills and allows you to maintain your standard of living rather than going on to Statutory Sick Pay of around £100 per week.

Family Income Benefit

Family Income Benefit is a type of life insurance that will give your family regular financial support if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness. What makes FIB different to standard life cover is that it pays an ongoing monthly income, rather than a lump sum.

Private Medical Insurance

This cover has become more popular due to the strain on the NHS and lengthy waiting lists. It allows you speedy diagnosis & treatment, specialist consultations, and covers the cost of many treatments not available on the NHS.

Whole of Life Cover

Whole of life insurance helps you make financial provisions in the event of a terminal illness or death. This flexible cover gives you the knowledge and reassurance that any inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities can be paid, a legacy for your family can be left, and funeral costs can be taken care of.

Gift Inter Vivos Protection

A Gift Inter Vivos plan allows you to protect your beneficiaries from any potential inheritance tax (IHT) liability on a gift you have given, by providing cover for the potential tax over a 7 year period, once the gift is made.