Corporate / Employee Protection

Investing in employee benefits like private medical insurance, death in service, critical illness cover, and income protection, not only attracts and retains top talent but also offers tax-efficient solutions for business owners.

Looking for Corporate / Employee Protection?

All employee benefits are allowable as a business expense for corporation tax purposes, and help to attract and retain key employees.

Group Life Cover

Provided by employers to their employees, offering a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries in the event of an employee's death, providing financial protection and support.

Group Critical Illness Cover

Provides a lump-sum payment to employees diagnosed with a specified critical illness, offering financial support during challenging times and complementing comprehensive health coverage. The lump sum payments are tax free.

Group Income Protection Cover

Provides a regular income to employees unable to work due to long-term illness or disability, offering financial security and support for both employees and employers.

Private Medical Insurance

Group Private Medical Insurance is an employer-sponsored health insurance policy that covers medical expenses for employees, promoting their well-being by providing access to private healthcare services.