Managing Household Expenses

Posted Aug 01, 2021
Written by Bruno Welch

Managing Household Expenses

Where could you cut cost? Cutting your costs may not be as daunting as you as you think and may be a more realistic option than generating extra income. Here are some potential savings to be made:

Check you are on your best energy rate: 

Reviewing the energy deals on the market can save you a substantial amount of money if you are prepared to change providers. In fact, switching energy provider can save a household with an average energy usage more than £300 a year. 

Review your mobile phone, TV and broadband packages: 

When a contract comes to an end, shop around to see what new packages or offers are available. This can include going back to your existing provider and asking them to better their rates. There is the potential to save hundreds of pounds by finding the right phone, TV and broadband packages that suit your needs rather than just continuing with your existing provider. 

Stop paying for things you no longer use: 

1 in 5 people are paying £265 each year for subscriptions they no longer use, according to research by compare the market. Mobile phone contracts and streaming services are also items regularly paid for but unused. Look at all your subscriptions and insurance policies to remind yourself what you have and cancel the ones you no longer use. 

Check your bank and credit card charges: 

Do you know or understand the overdraft fees your bank charges? What about the interest rate on your credit cards or charges for late payments? You can save by switching you bank or credit card with a wide choice of options from traditional high street banks and new online banks competing for your custom. 

Regular reviews 

There are many other ways you can cut costs, such as reducing food waste, finding ways to reduce childcare costs, review travel costs etc. The key is to regularly review your expenditure. It can take time but there is a great sense of satisfaction when you realise how much you have saved by reducing unnecessary costs and putting your money where its best used. 

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