Lifetime mortgage

Release the equity in your home to enjoy your retirement.

Lifetime Mortgage Advice

The team at Clayton Welch Associates believe in supporting our clients all the way through their property ownership journey. And that includes helping you to release equity on your property investments.

For over 55s, there are numerous reasons why you might want to consider taking out a lifetime mortgage. It could be that your property has increased in value and you want to use some of the value to improve your standard of living in retirement. You may want to help younger generations get their foot on the property ladder or pay for some home improvements.

A lifetime mortgage enables you to do this whilst still remaining the owner of your home. The tax that is released is tax free and you don’t need to repay your loan during your lifetime.

Our advisors work alongside you to help you decide the best type of lifetime mortgage for you, making sure that whatever you decide fits with any final wishes you may have.