Case study: How to get the best possible mortgage for your earning as an IT contractor


Mr Khan is a successful IT contractor who wanted to upscale his home in Hertfordshire for a growing family.

He needed to find the right mortgage but he encountered a problem. All the lenders he approached wanted to base their mortgage offers on his Limited company’s business accounts. This would have severely reduced Mr Khan’s options.

The problem for IT contractors finding the right mortgage

Many self-employed contractors face the same problem; their Limited Company accounts are handled very tax efficiently, which significantly reduces their useable income for mortgage lending purposes on paper but doesn’t realistically reflect their ability to service loan repayments over the period of a mortgage.

So, Mr Khan came to Clayton-Welch Associates for our specialist mortgage brokering services in the hope of finding a lender who would be more sympathetic to his circumstances and enable him to buy the home he wanted for his family.


At Clayton-Welch Associates, we work with a comprehensive range of providers from across the market to help clients find the right mortgage.

We were able to find that mortgage for Mr Khan from the Halifax Building Society. They calculated his annual income based on his daily chargeable rate, which they multiplied up to a 48-week working year.

A good result for our client

This approach significantly increased the size of the affordable mortgage offered to Mr Khan so that he was able to buy the home he wanted for his family.

Clayton-Welch Associates

We specialise in offering professional, impartial support to people who have experienced difficulties with mainstream mortgage lenders in the past. We work with a comprehensive range of providers from across the market to help clients find the right mortgage for residential and buy-to-let properties. For commercial mortgages we also act as introducers only.

Your property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

We rely on referrals for our business, so customer service at the forefront of everything we do. We are passionate about getting you the result you want and we accompany you through every step of the way to a successful mortgage application.

To find out how we can help you move into your dream home, contact Clayton-Welch Associates.


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